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Coffee habits with Kevin Kuhn

Kevin Kuhn is put forward by team members as the team’s ultimate coffee connoisseur. “I just like drinking a good coffee,” he confesses with a hint of delight in his voice. For Kevin, coffee is more than just a drink: “It is a ritual woven into the fabric of my daily life. I drink a cup in the morning before breakfast and drink another cup after training, where I find relaxation.”

Kevin Kuhn was recently in South Africa where he enjoyed some milkshakes in addition to his coffee.

“I like the bright, fruity notes of lightly roasted coffee, but I especially prefer the simplicity of a double espresso.” When asked whether he likes drinking or making coffee more, he admits: “I like drinking more. Coffee is a beloved moment of peace, often shared with my girlfriend, Nicole Koller, who’s also a cyclist.”

As a professional athlete, Kevin recognizes the importance of finding alternative pleasures, noting, “We can’t drink wine or anything. So this is our thing.” Unlike many professional cyclists he rarely does coffee rides because he prefers to make his own coffee at home.

It is therefore special for this great coffee lover to wear the colors of the Belgian coffee roaster Charles Liégeois. “I ended my cyclo-cross season early and unfortunately was unable to attend the introduction and promotion day of the team at Charles Liégeois. But I look forward to immersing myself in the world of Charles Liégeois, and would like to learn and discover more about the artistry behind my favourite drink.


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