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Etixx becomes new nutrition partner

From January 2024, Etixx Sports Nutrition will join forces with Intermarché-Wanty as a new sports nutrition partner alongside Maurten, Cellavent Healthcare and Crampfix.

Etixx, a Belgian benchmark brand in the field of sports nutrition, supplies sports bars and gummies, recovery drinks and supplements to the riders of the World Team, Wanty-ReUz-Technord Development Team and Charles Liégeois Roastery CX, who have already tested the products in their first cyclocross races of 2024.

The mission of Etixx is to support athletes to reach their goals by offering a complete range of tasty, science based sports nutrition, made from the best and innovative ingredients and tailored to the needs of all those who dedicate themselves to their sport, professionally, as amateurs, or just for fun.

Etixx sports nutrition has been developed with and for athletes and their medical teams focusing on health and well-being of the athlete. The Belgian brand collaborates with a varied team of specialists from various sectors, such as biochemistry, sports doctors, physiotherapists, biomedical scientists, pharmacologists and top athletes. The feedback of the riders and sports dieticians of the structure Intermarché-Wanty is an added value in the development of its product range.

All Etixx products carry the internationally recognised ‘Informed Sport’ quality label. Every batch from each production run of the entire Etixx range undergoes an analysis by an independent laboratory to guarantee that tests the products for banned substances.

"As the team's sports dietitian, I am very excited about the collaboration with Etixx. This Belgian brand stands out for its transparency, commitment to innovation and close monitoring of scientific developments. Its wide range of products includes not only sport-specific nutrition, but also an extensive range of sports supplements, giving riders optimal support before, during and after training and races. What makes Etixx truly reliable is its 'Informed Sport' doping-free quality label. Each batch undergoes thorough testing in an independent laboratory for banned substances, allowing riders to rely on the highest quality standards. This approach ensures that the brand meets the strict requirements of our medical team."

"This new collaboration with Intermarché-Wanty brings us to the World Tour in 2024, or the highest level of international cycling, which makes us very proud. The partnership based on shared values of innovation, scientific approach and commitment to success. A pioneer in sports nutrition development, Etixx sets the bar high with science-based products that help riders optimise performance and recover. Through this partnership, Etixx Sports Nutrition will offer customised nutritional solutions that closely match the individual needs of Intermarché-Wanty's riders. From the start to quick recovery, the range of Etixx products will contribute to the team's physical and mental well-being during training and races."

About Etixx Sports Nutrition:

Etixx is a pioneer and a leading brand in science based sports nutrition and expert sports advice. Etixx was founded in 2009 in Belgium. From the outset, it has been our intention to support athletes to reach their goals. Today, Etixx has become a leading brand in science based sports nutrition and expert sports advice for professional and amateur athletes.


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