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Intermarché-Wanty extends its partnership with Gaerne

Intermarché-Wanty extends its partnership with prestigious Italian brand Gaerne which continues to provide the riders of the World Team and Wanty-ReUz-Technord with shoes Made in Italy.

In 2023, both teams collected more than 40 victories with the CARBON G.STL model in white color remarkably light and high-performing shoes of Gaerne’s road collection which the riders will continue wearing in 2024.

Designed and developed with the experience gained from over 60 Years of Experience, for who strives for success! Superior comfort and max power transfer define the latest lightweight, high-performance Carbon G.Stl road shoes.

The upper is made of one-piece of microfiber with laser-drilling to provide heat dispersion and a perfect climate. Anatomic heel cup 1.0 with internal non slip treatment allows improved stability and the best foot control. The Infit Closure System features six fixing zones providing infinite adjustment and a precision fit.

The Ultra light and ultra-thin carbon fiber sole ensures every watt of power is transferred to the pedals while the stability of the foot is increased thanks to the shape of the sole in the plantar arch area. Four air vents guarantee ventilation inside the shoes.

"Shoes play a particularly important role in the equipment of a cyclist, because they transfer the power on the bike. With shoes of good quality, the power loss in the transfer is limited. Thanks to our collaboration with Gaerne, we can rely on one of the best shoes on the market with the Carbon G.STL model. In my opinion, the stiffness of the shoes is the most important quality for a sprinter like me. Also, the experts of Gaerne listen to our needs and react immediately taking our feedback into account. For all these reasons, we want to thank Gaerne for this partnership."

About Gaerne
Gaerne, a name that derives from the initials of GAzzola ERNEsto, is one of the world’s leading companies for motorbike boots and cycling shoes, founded in 1962 with a Made in Italy production that has remained faithful to its origins and to the Treviso area, representing Italian excellence in the World. 
Since the beginning, Gaerne started producing good quality mountain footwear. In the following years, along with the firm’s growth, the production was diversified into other sectors, motorcycling boots in the mid-Seventies and then cycling shoes in the mid-Eighties.
Skills and more than 60 years tradition of expert craftsmen, rigorous selection of materials, uncompromising pursuit of quality, innovation and design to new and original solutions: this is the philosophy of a brand which has, in its own history, the basis for a continuous momentum and innovation for the international success of its products and its Italian style. 


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