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Intermarché-Wanty extends its commitment and stays title partner

Intermarché extends its commitment in the Walloon structure and stays first title partner of the World Team, which will colour the international peloton in 2024 under the name Intermarché-Wanty.

The large retail chain of the group Les Mousquetaires, which cumulates 1800 French and 160 Belgian supermarkets, joined the project of Jean-François Bourlart at the end of 2020 to accompany the structure in its transition to the World Tour, the highest level of international cycling. 

Since then, 53 victories have been achieved and several important milestones reached, until climbing to the first position in the UCI World Ranking in January 2023: six Grand Tour stage wins, a historical victory in Ghent-Wevelgem or a seventh place in the final classification of the Tour de France.

By extending its investment in cycling, a sport which brings the most important heroes and their fans closely together, Intermarché reinforces its commitment to proximity, a value shared by all partners of the structure of Intermarché-Wanty and its business club named Want You Club.

For season 2024, in the naming of the Walloon World Team Intermarché is associated once again with group Wanty, from Binche, an international company with expertise in all sectors of construction, demolition and road works, which also becomes title partner of Continental Development Team Wanty-ReUz-Technord.

“Intermarché is proud to pursue its partnership with cycling team Intermarché-Wanty for season 2024. Cycling is one of the most popular sports in France and in Belgium. We share numerous common values such as teamspirit, to surpass oneself, proximity, … A cycling team is also, like our companies, a collective, with individuals who perform better when they are united, who are more creative and motivated when showing solidarity. We’re ready to take on new challenges with them in the upcoming season, hoping for numerous victories in the prestigious and mythical races of the World Tour!”

“We’re pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with Intermarché as title partner of our World Team, Intermarché-Wanty. In the skin of Tom Thumb, driven by the motto “all together”, we managed to pursue our respective growth the last couple of years. Together we reached new heights by embracing the values of living together and by focusing on what’s essential. We share the same ambition of incremental growth. Recently, this has resulted in the doubling of the number of Intermarché supermarkets in Belgium, and on our side in the expansion of our structure with a Continental Development Team. I’m convinced that this extended partnership will enable us to reinforce our position in the World Tour. We’ve got nice seasons and many unforgettable moments to experience together.”

About the group Les Mousquetaires

“Founded in 1969, the group Les Mousquetaires brings together more than 3 000 independent company managers and 150 000 employees to serve the performance of nearly 4 000 local selling points in France, Belgium, Poland and Portugal. At the head of the selling points, the Mousquetaires business managers form a group of entrepreneurs who are strongly involved in the socio-economic fabric of their territories. To meet the needs of the Intermarché and Netto stores (food); Bricomarché, Brico Cash and Bricorama (household equipment); Roady and Rapid Pare-Brise (mobility), the Group has its own support services (integrated logistics bases, purchasing services, real estate, etc.), as well as an agri-food division with almost 60 plants, all located in France. Find out more  X Mousquetaires


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