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Wout Geerinckx and Obie Vidts progress in their rehabilitation

A month and a half after being hit head-on by a car during the collective training camp of Wanty-ReUz-Technord in the province of Alicante, Wout Geerinckx and Obie Vidts have taken a new step forward in their rehabilitation in recent days. 

As a result of the accident on 19th of December 2023, both riders of the Continental Development team suffered multiple injuries and fractures, impeding them to cycle on the road for several months. After the crash, Obie Vidts had surgery for the multiple fractures in both hands in the hospital of Herentals in Belgium and is now allowed to train outdoors. 

As for Wout Geerinckx, who suffered a fractured right elbow, left knee, femur and arm and underwent surgery in the hospitals of Benidorm and Herentals, he was allowed to stand on his left leg for the first time.

“The recovery process of Wout Geerinckx and Obie Vidts is evolving in a good way. All wounds have completely healed and there are positive signs that also the recovery of their fractures is on a good way. After an X Ray examination on Monday 5th of February, Wout received green lights to start the next step of his rehabilitation. He is now allowed to move and to use half of his body weight on his left leg. We expect him to start riding on an ergonomic bike in two weeks, before his next appointment on 18th of March. If this evolution also shows further encouraging signs, he will be able to start strength training. As for Obie, he rode outside for the first time on Monday 5th of February. However, he still has to be careful with his hands for at least two weeks because of the pin in his little finger. After the removal of the pin on 20th of February it will take some time to recover the movement of the tendons. After the recent progress in the healing processes our U23 riders can look optimistic to the next steps in their rehabilitation."

“Since I left hospital three weeks ago, I've been feeling progression every day. This Wednesday, the doctors confirmed this positive impression during a thorough check-up. They seemed rather surprised by the relatively rapid recovery process. I've been given a go to start rehabilitation and take my first steps on crutches. Every bit of progress, no matter how small, makes me very happy. Now I can look towards the future. Maybe in a few weeks time I'll even be able to exercise on a hometrainer. On the long term, I can't wait to return with the team to train and hopefully even participate in a few races at the end of the year. I wish Wanty-ReUz-Technord all the best for the start of the season and I'd like to thank everyone for the many messages of support that helped me through the toughest moments.”

"The first month after the accident was difficult, because I couldn't do anything with my hands. But now I go to the physiotherapist every day for my rehabilitation and I can also train on the rollers. This week, we found an alternative to indoor training thanks to the cycling track in Borsbeke, where I can ride outdoors on good road surface and in safe circumstances without traffic. In two weeks time, the pin will be removed from my little finger, that's the next step I'm looking forward to."


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