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Newmen releases its new Streem VONOA Road Wheels

On 21st of May, our partner NEWMEN released its new Streem family road bike wheels, composed of three super light models with VONOA Aero carbon spokes which are used for the first time in competition by the riders of Intermarché-Wanty since the start of the Giro d’Italia. 

The next gen Streem VONOA lineup consists of three different wheelsets optimized for the different requirements of climbing, allround/classics and sprinting. The new Streem family not only achieves excellent aerodynamic values in the wind tunnel, but is also one of the lightest materials in the professional peloton. From the 1035 gram light Climbing wheelset with 35/38 mm profile height to the stiff Sprint set with 60/66 mm height. They are the wheels to beat them all. On any terrain, at any speed. 

Climbing C.35/C.38
Allround A.49/A.54
Sprint S.60/S.66

The unbeatable compromise between lightweight construction and aerodynamics is a result of the combination of unique technologies, from the hub to the spokes.

The proven, minimalist Fade R hubs are combined with aero-optimized, wide carbon rims with different height profiles on the front and rear wheels.

The connection is provided by the VONOA Aerowide carbon spokes. Not only do they weigh 40 percent less than comparable steel spokes, they are also significantly stiffer. As a result, the front wheels only need 15 spokes, while 18 aero carbon spokes create a stable wheel at the rear. Despite the secure rim design with hook and inner widths of 22-24 millimetres, the Streem VONOA sets are among the lightest in their class. At the same time, the wide profiles deliver the best aerodynamic results in combination with modern, comfortable tires 28-30 mm wide, as tests in the GST wind tunnel in Immenstaad have proved.

For less air turbulence, we also rely on the integrated Aero Valve on the Streem VONOA, which disappears completely into the carbon rim. The result: better aerodynamics, cleaner look. 

"The wide rims form a perfect unit with wider tires and are a real game changer. The overall ride feel is very compliant, cornering and crosswind stability are very confidence-inspiring. The wheel set we use most in nearly all races is the A49/54 as it has an ideal weight - stiffness ratio. The S60/66 is a very stiff wheel set, perfectly suited for our sprinters with maximum power output. It accelerates really fast, despite its stiffness and high profile, thanks to its low weight. It is the best of both worlds. The C34/38 is extremely light, even with disc brakes, and definitely offers our climbers a huge advantage in uphill finish scenarios."

• Aerodynamically optimized carbon rim with hook & raw nish (tubeless-compatible)
• Optimized for tire widths from 28 to 32 millimeters
• Best aerodynamics with 28mm and 30mm tires
• Compatible with internal STREEM Aero Valve
• Lightweight, quiet FADE R CS hubs with 15/18 VONOA carbon spokes


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