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To the Pro Continental level in 2011

The team continued its adventure and made progression in the peloton, climbing another division. The equivalent from D3 to D2. And this time with pro status. The team reached this milestone with the arrival of a new partner: Veranda’s Willems-Accent.

“Jean-François reunited all of us on a Friday evening for a meeting. He said: ‘ok guys, if we become a professional team, are you ready to follow me?’ And in 2011 we became a professional team. A dream which seemed unachievable ten years ago, when Jean-François joined the team!”

The cycling team gained experience and learned. From the beginning, Veranda’s Willems-Accent made a good impression with a brilliant performance in its first participation in a Monument, the Tour of Flanders. Staf Scheirlinkx finished eighth, five seconds behind winner Nick Nuyens and before big names such as Philippe Gilbert and Geraint Thomas.

“We made a big step forward, but it wasn’t an easy period. We started at this level, trying to find ourselves. In bigger races our tactics were simple. During our pre race meetings the message the riders received was: ‘guys, today you have to be part of the breakaway and show the jersey’. In the smaller races we started winning races, with our goal in the most important races to put ourselves as much as possible in the spotlights. I still remember our first Tour of Flanders. It was unbelievable. I can hear myself saying: ‘Wow, we’re here, we made it!’”

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