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Crampfix to set our nutrition strategy to the next level

The riders from Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux can rely on a new partner to optimize the nutrition strategy. Norwegian partner Fjord Minerals provides the riders of the team with Crampfix and Crampfix Superwarm, products containing all four essential minerals for the body, namely Calcium, Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium. Developed to ensure optimal signal transmission between the cells in the body, resulting in a reduction of the risk of muscle cramps and an improvement of the muscle function.

Fjord Minerals develops and produces natural minerals for people living an active life. Based on electrolytes harvested from fjords/seawater the Norwegian company has developed products that are optimized for athletes and people doing all kind of sports. Medical tests and riders feedback shows that the products give better performance during races, better and faster recovery after training and races and reduce the risk of muscle cramps. The products of Fjord Minerals are developed in a close cooperation with top atletes. Crampfix Superwarm was for instance developed to cope with the hot conditions in the Olympic Games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro and the UCI World Championship in Doha 2016.  

“We are proud to start a cooperation with Intermarche-Wanty-Gobert Matériaux. Alexander Kristoff has been using Crampfix since 2008 and we hope that the rest of the team will have the same good experiences with the products.”

« Thanks to this partnership with Fjord Minerals, we can bring our nutrition strategy to the next level. Crampfix complements our sports nutrition and vitamins from our partners Maurten, 3Action and SoriaBel with essential minerals. During our winter training camps we measured the loss of sweat during exercise and calculated how we could compensate this loss of electrolytes with Crampfix minerals. Electrolytes are necessary to transport the glucose included in the nutrition of our riders to the energy cells, which explains how the Fjord minerals improve the muscle function. Our riders are positive about the efficiency of the Crampfix minerals and I expect the advantage to be even higher in warm temperatures this summer! »

« I have used minerals from Fjord Minerals for the past ten years. I use the minerals during all competitions, but also as an important part of the recovery process between workouts. The products are effectively taken up in advance of training and competition but also work quickly and efficiently when taken during an effort. The Crampfix minerals are a good starting point for optimal training yield and recovery, so it is an integral part of my nutrition. »


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