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Maurten launches its Bicarb System

Our nutrition partner Maurten is pleased to announce the launch of its Bicarb System this Monday 27th of February, a food product based on sodium bicarb.

The past year Intermarché-Circus-Wanty contributed to the development of the food graded product by organizing lactate tests for its riders during collective training camps and by testing the Bicarb System in races.

Sodium bicarbonate has a long history of use for its performance benefits and is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as one of the very few non-prohibited supplements that directly improve sports performance. Large doses of sodium bicarbonate counteract the negative effects of the rising acidity that overwhelms the muscles — leading to exhaustion — during all-out, intense anaerobic efforts. But stomach issues and the unpredictability of ingesting considerable amounts of sodium bicarbonate have traditionally cancelled out any performance gains. Until now.

The Maurten Bicarb System takes a new approach to unlocking the athletic potential of bicarbonate. The Informed Sport certified system is the first-ever sodium bicarbonate product that is food graded and not designated as a supplement. It is made up of three physical components and a digital component for accurate dosage, planning, and execution. The components work in harmony to create a bicarbonate experience with enhanced tolerability and duration.

« I would like to thank Maurten for the development of this food product I appreciate a lot and I especially use for the one day races. The Maurten Bicarb System is perfect for endurance efforts. Last season it helped me to take the victory from my first day of competition on Mallorca. I also experienced the positive effects in challenging races such as Milano-Sanremo or Ghent-Wevelgem. The Maurten Bicarb System has become an important element in our nutrition strategy and this pleases me. »

« With sodium bicarb athletes experience less negative effects from the high dose of lactate produced in the blood during intense efforts, a well-known effect in the sports world. Thanks to the use of Hydrogel technology, Maurten managed to develop a delivery system which enables the athletes to encapsulate a high dose in a tolerable way, avoiding stomach problems. One dose of Maurten Bicarb System is gradually absorbed by the body, so the protons causing the lactic acid are buffered during the whole race. We are enthusiastic that we could support our partner Maurten in 2022 by letting our riders test the Maurten Bicarb System in training and races… and with success. Maurten Bicarb System played a role in the victory of Biniam Girmay in Ghent-Wevelgem for example. Thanks to our exchanges with Maurten, we were again able to lift the nutrition of our riders in training and races! »

Bicarb system is now exclusively available at


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