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Medical update: the injured riders are on their way back

Different riders of Team Intermarché-Circus-Wanty are out of competition following crashes the past couple of months. The recovery of each of them evolves in a positive way, they resumed training on the road and can almost all can look forward to a return into competition at the end of the season. 

After a long period of absence because of health problems, which impeded him to participate in the Tour de France, Kobe Goossens will return into competition for the first time in four months this Saturday at the start of the Tour of Spain.


Ortwin Schäfer (Head doctor):

“Two days after his crash in the fourteenth stage of the Tour de France, Louis Meintjes was successfully operated. Since then, the healing of his collarbone fracture progresses day by day. The range of motion in the shoulder joint is almost back to normal, which enables us to focus on gaining back his power. He started training on the road two weeks ago. His build up was slowed down by an intestinal infection last week. Louis is now focusing on the Italian end of the season classics.”

Sven Erik Bystrøm and Laurenz Rex were both operated for an acromioclavicular injury. Three weeks after his crash in the Tour de Wallonie at the end of July, Sven started training intensively on the road to prepare his goals in September. Laurenz, who crashed in training in the beginning of August, can handle a mild workload on the road and can look forward to a complete recovery in six weeks to participate at the last races of the season.”

Biniam Girmay resumed training a couple of days after this crash in the Clásica San Sebastián at the end of July and progressively increased the intensity of his training sessions. He is now fully recovered and will only miss one week of competition before returning to the start line in the Bretagne Classic Ouest-France on 3rd of September.”

Taco van der Hoorn is slowly but surely recovering from the concussion he sustained at the Tour of Flanders in the beginning of April and which is closely monitored. He still suffers from the consequences of his concussion, mainly headaches, when exercising intensively. But he recovers faster and since one month, he can perform cycling activities on a daily basis, whether it’s on a city bike, the rollers or occasionally on the race bike on the road.”


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