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Intermarché is a food retailer of Group Les Mousquetaires, present in Belgium since 1991. Intermarché has almost 80 selling points, subdivided in two formats (Super and Contact), and is managed by its independent business leaders, co-deciders of the commercial policy. With a turnover of 582 million euros in 2019 and a strong growth in 2020, retailer Intermarché capitalizes in Belgium from its strengths: an offensive price policy, an increase of the sales of fresh products prepared on the spot, and a shop format in human size enabling a close proximity to its customers.

With almost 4000 selling points in Europe and a turnover of 45,33 billion euros in 2019, Group Les Mousquetaires is one of the major players in the large distribution. The Group, created in 1969, brings together almost 3000 independent business leaders and 150 000 employees. The retailers of the Group are Intermarché, Netto (food), Bricomarché, Brico Cash and Bricorama (do-it-yourself), Roady, Rapid Pare-Brise and Izyscoot (mobility). With almost 60 production sites in France, the Group is also a major actor in the food industry. Les Mousquetaires is present in Belgium, in France, in Poland and in Portugal.

Retailer Intermarché is present in Belgium since 1991 and established in the Belgian villages and cities, especially in Wallonia, as close as possible to the people. To share the much appreciated sport by Belgians will reinforce the proximity, which is already strongly established between the Intermarché business leaders, their customers and their partners.

From 2021, Intermarché became the title partner of our team. Together, the food retailer and the cycling team will contribute to promotion of the values of living together. This partnership reinforces the local work of the Intermarché business leaders in clubs and sportive associations of all levels. 

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