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Preventing injuries: learn more with our osteopath Pierre-Yves

Each season during the winter break, internal medical tests are organised for all riders. The last couple of years, the medical team of Intermarché-Circus-Wanty has been developing a protocole for injury prevention in addition to the physical tests. With simple tests, the physiotherapists look for potential physical imbalances, on which the riders can focus in the gym, during core training or when stretching, to improve their performances on the bike or prevent injuries.

“This examination is composed of different tests. First, we measure the flexibility by asking the riders to bend forward and reach with their fingers towards the floor. We also check to movement of their hips and the rotation of their knees in a video analysis of squat, lunge and jump exercises.”

“We use a dynamometer to detect imbalance between different muscular groups or a difference in power between left and right limbs. For example, in case of the sprinters we generally notice that certain muscular groups are very well developed to produce a lot of power in a short period of time, however, this often associated with less well developed lumbar muscles which can possibly cause lower back pain. The lumbar muscles are verified with the Sorensen test in which the riders need to be able to maintain a horizontal lying position without support under the upper half of the body. The results of these tests are an interesting base to establish the muscle building training programmes.”

“We also analyse the balance and coordination in the Star Test. The riders with lower scores in this test have less control over their bodies on the bike, which is translated in a higher risk on crashes. Because of their rather fragile and fine physique, this is often a point of attention for climbers. We recommend these riders to regularly include exercices with balance boards in their core stability training sessions.”

“Finally, we extended our protocole with a reactivity test this winter, with the aim of being able to evaluate the condition of our riders better when they sustain a concussion. For us as a medical team, the general health of our riders is our priority. That’s why we attach a lot of importance to prevention and why we are motivated to continuously evaluate our processes and innovate.”

“In the meantime, all riders resumed training. Based on their individual reports and their evolution since the previous tests, they all received advice and precise exercises to work on their points of attention awaiting our collective training camp in December. I’m looking forward to be reunited with everyone and to work together in the gym.”


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