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Bryton brengt de Rider S800 op de markt en zorgt voor veiligere fietsritten

Bryton launched its new flagship model, the Rider S800, providing the most premium and engaging riding experience with versatile features. Bringing GPS cycling computers to the next level, the Rider S800 is designed with a light-weight construction using carefully selected premium materials – including a large 3.4” color touchscreen with an outdoor-tailored high-contrast display and unparalleled endurance with an exceptional 36 hr battery life in addition to premium features like the cutting- edge on-device Group Chat capability.

With this flagship model on board, Bryton is rolling out a multitude of new premium features and 3rd- party support to fully augment the abilities of this high-end model. In addition to the Group Chat and Group Ride features, The Rider S800 leads the way with a carefully selected outdoor-tailored high contrast display and advanced navigation & workout capabilities, as well as compatibility with indoor smart trainers, rear-view bike radar, and Cycling Dynamics, and more! Wherever and whatever you ride, the Rider S800 has something for everyone.

“With this product, we hope to push the boundaries of what cyclists should come to expect from their GPS cycle computers. Our team has been collaborating with top cyclists and coaches to solve the common difficulties that cyclists are facing while riding. When riding with teammates or friends, many cyclists know the difficulties of riding at different paces, easily getting split up and not knowing where their partners are or what their current status is. Furthermore, staying connected with coaches or teammates gives you the advantage of having someone to monitor the status of each rider and provide instructions when necessary. Our goal with this addition to the S lineup is not only to offer top-of-the-line new features, but also to bring people together like never before with innovative features like instant voice-to-text messaging implemented into Group Chat so that riders can safely stay in communication without pausing their ride to check their phone.”


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